Privacy Policy

Our website can allow visitors to rate online games, create strategies, ask questions about games, develop custom scenarios, post screenshots, answer questions and create testimonials about online games. The business has the right to collect information that lets our company enhance services, offer customized advertisements, provide reviews of games that users prefer and augment a webpage’s conversion rate.

Developing New Accounts

The website may give users the ability to create accounts that feature profiles, descriptions of a guest’s favorite games, customized images, quotes and contact information. If a visitor sends private messages to other members, the conversations may be stored in the website’s archives, and each gamer will be able to delete the messages anytime. The business has the right to analyze messages that may describe a guest’s interests, offer personal testimonials about certain games or outline strategies.

Storing Information

The business is able to transfer data to hard drives that are situated at the company’s facility, or the enterprise can send information to independent servers, which are located in data centers. Most of these facilities feature software programs that may determine which users access certain information and contain networks of surveillance systems.

Using Security Software

The website may feature a program that can detect breaches, analyze files that could contain malware and determine which users access certain information. The program can also encrypt information and may require some customers to use passwords.

Evaluating the Activities of Users

The business has the right to utilize software that will analyze sources of traffic, the sections of pages that members click, the amount of pageviews that visitors typically produce and the region of each user. The program may calculate the profits that a customer generates and the average price of a guest’s purchases. If visitors click a link in search results, we may evaluate the keyword phrases that provided the traffic and the webpage’s exact position in the results.

Our programs are able to calculate a webpage’s conversion rates and the number of users who abandon virtual carts. When evaluating the actions of buyers, the software might also identify the point at which visitors commonly leave the website.

We can determine the type of computer that a visitor is utilizing and the guest’s browser. If a visitor is using a mobile device, our software may only generate advertisements for games that are compatible with the guest’s smartphone.

Providing Pictures

Once guests post screenshots, the photographs may have usernames, pictures of the gamers, customized characters or cumulative scores. In general, we are not responsible for the usage of any personal information that the screenshots feature.

Choosing Advertisements

At, we have the right to add advertisements of any type to our website. When a user clicks an ad and arrives at a separate site, our enterprise is not responsible for the other website’s content, advertisements and practices, and our privacy policy does not apply to the third-party site. Moreover, our company does not provide any type of implicit warranty for the products that affiliated websites sell.

Sharing Information

Our business will not send information to a third-party company unless the customer specifically requests a transfer of the data. Moreover, a guest may add personal information to comments or messages, yet the business is not responsible for the handling of this data.

Offering Extra Services

Once the company has collected contact information, the enterprise can use that data in order to provide personalized customer service or suggest certain games. We may also encourage guests to contact other members who are interested in similar games.

Analyzing Comments

When a visitor posts commentaries about a game, the user may provide an email address, a username and the URL of the visitor’s site. Once a player offers an email address, the business has the right to send automated emails that are related to responses, ratings of the comments and new posts that are associated with the original article. Moreover, the website may feature a software program that rapidly analyzes all comments that a user posts, and the software can search for spam and profanity.

Guests may be able to rate the commentaries of other gamers; however, the business has the right to delete any ratings that may not be genuine. If a visitor posts duplicate responses to multiple comments, the software might automatically delete the identical replies.

Providing Useful Ads

After analyzing a guest’s clicks and purchases, the business has permission to create custom advertisements for members. If the company partners with third-party advertisers, the web designers can also provide general information about the interests of the majority of visitors.

Utilizing Feedback

Once a gamer posts a review of our website, we have the right to add that feedback to any webpage. If the reviewer would like to modify the testimonial or provide contact information, the original poster may contact our business. When a user directly provides feedback or posts a comment on the website, we reserve the right to evaluate the visitor’s statements in order to enhance services, modify the website, create new products or develop custom guides for online games.

Offering Guarantees

If a visitor purchases a service, the business does not provide any type of implicit warranty. Although the company will generally adhere to any return policy, the business reserves the right to refuse returns or refunds for any reason.

Making Purchases

When purchasing a product or a service, a user may provide an address, a name, a detailed comment and payment information. The business has the right to save this data if the user offers explicit permission. Once a visitor makes a purchase, the guest agrees to receive automated emails that may provide tracking numbers, updates about a purchase’s status and advertisements for similar services.


Our website’s software may add cookies to the browsers of visitors, and as a small file, a cookie can analyze a guest’s overall interests, the websites that the user has visited and keywords that were typed in search boxes. Our business may use this data in order to provide services and advertisements that meet a gamer’s wants and needs. Furthermore, the software can automatically suggest articles and videos that are associated with the user’s interests.

Cookies can allow a visitor to log into an account for an extended period of time. The business is not responsible for any modifications if another user accesses a gamer’s opened account.

Email Marketing

Once a customer opts to receive emails, the business may utilize software that will evaluate the number of emails that have been opened, the links that visitors clicked and the percentage of emails that have been forwarded. The program may also determine the type of inbox that the customer is using.

Modifying Data

If visitors would like to alter their personal information, they can utilize our site’s form to contact our company. In general, we will respond within 24 hours.

Managing Questionnaires

We may encourage visitors to complete detailed surveys that analyze a guest’s overall satisfaction, the games that the user enjoys, information that the visitor wants to know and electronic devices that a guest owns. Sometimes, we will hold contests for users who participate in questionnaires; however, a completed survey does not guarantee that a guest will receive a prize.

Evaluating Updates

Our experts may change the privacy policy anytime, and we will generally send an email to each customer if we alter the policy. Moreover, the site’s front page will feature a message that describes any alterations, identifies the date on which the modifications will become activated. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, please see:

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